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Kentucky Pets Alive is raising the bar for the care and commitment for the community and their animals.


Our Story


Kentucky Pets Alive is a volunteer based 501c(3) organization that was originally formed in August 2008 as Shelby County No Kill Mission of Kentucky, Inc. with the mission to save all adoptable animals at The Shelby County Animal Shelter, which was an open admission municipal shelter until July 2014.  We assisted the shelter in becoming the first no kill community shelter in Kentucky and helped maintain the no kill status for 6 years by providing the following programs:  foster care, microchips for every animal adopted, collars and leashes for transported animals, medical care/supplies to sick and injured, the operation and funding of an inhouse spay/neuter clinic, off-site adoption sites/events and volunteers to assist with the physical/emotional care of the animals.  During these six years, over 10,000 animals left the shelter alive.


In August 2014, Shelby County No Kill Mission and the Shelby County Animal Shelter went separate ways. The mission of saving some but not all was not our mission.  We changed our name but not our mission.  Our new name,  Kentucky Pets Alive, continues to reflect our belief that Every. Life. Matters.


We now assist many animals in throughout Kentucky..  As our volunteer and support base grows, so will our areas of assistance. Your support of our life-saving programs is what makes them all possible. So, we thank you for joining us in our cause.



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